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Living Your Authentic Leadership

Do you ever stop to ask yourself:

  • Am I being and expressing who I really am?
  • Am fulfilling my purpose and my unique potential for making a difference?
  • Am I valuing my true gifts and the wisdom I have to offer?

Asking these questions, I believe, is where we begin the life long journey of Authentic Leadership. ‘What does all this have to do with leadership?’ you may well ask.

I meet so many women who don’t connect with the term ‘leader’ because they don’t associate what they’re doing or who they are with being a leader, especially with entrepreneurs or solo professionals. The concept of leadership is so entangled with senior level roles in organisations, politics or religion that many women miss out on the higher perspective of what leadership is and the possibilites that open up when we step into our true leadership identity, regardless of the context.

It dawned on me about a year ago that I was on a bit of a mission to change this limiting perception and help women to break free of the illusion that if we’re not bestowed with the right title then we’re not a leader. Or that if we haven’t got a certain type of character, training, business or professional profile, we can’t be a leader. Even when we do have those things, it doesn’t necessarily give us the deep confidence we need to realise our true leadership potential.

That’s why I’m inviting you to this unique women’s event in Scotland on Tuesday 7th May:

Living Your Authentic Leadership

If you knew the amount of senior women leaders I’ve coached over the years who struggle to see themselves as leaders, you’d probably fall over in shock (and then breathe a huge sigh of relief!)

That’s because true leadership comes from a much deeper place in us than the false confidence we hang precariously on our roles. And that’s what we’re exploring in this one day workshop. Whether your employed in an organisation, an entrepreneur or a solo-professional – if you want to make a bigger difference in the world without compromising who you really are, then this is for you.

It’s true that we need to access certain qualities to really own and live our leadership potential, but we already have those qualities within us and the deeper truth is that we are all leaders, right here, right now, whether we own it or not.

First and foremost we’re leaders of ourselves and the choices we make about how we use our lives, how we treat ourselves and what values we live by. How we engage our thoughts, emotions and responses in life has a huge impact on our own personal experience of success and fulfillment.

And then we need to recognise that whether we’ve given ourselves permission to ‘be’ a leader or not, we’re influencing life around us in every moment. Our thoughts, feelings, words and actions have a huge impact on others and particularly on the quality of our relationships with them (which of course is the bedrock of any successful ‘task focused’ collaboration).

However there is another nugget of this conversation to chew over that I believe is an essential ingredient of this new perspective:

  • What if your leadership was really about simply being who you are and authentically sharing your gifts with the world in a way that was joyful and deeply rewarding for you?
  • What if it were simply about stepping in to service in the truest way you can, to make the world a better place?
  • What if you didn’t need to follow a behavioural formula, but rather simply follow your own heart and inner wisdom to become the leader that life is calling you to be?

Think about it. What might the highest expression of your leadership look like if you based it on these principles?

It might feel a bit scary, but if you own the authentic leader that’s within you, you won’t look back. Your life will be a rewarding reflection of who you really are.

Take a look, I’d love you to join me if you’re free. Living Your Authentic Leadership.

Warm wishes and hope to see you there…

Be courageous!

Joey x

P.S. There’s limited space so book early and you can also take advantage of the early-bird before 23rd April. Register here.

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