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Our Purpose

Why do we exist?

It’s simple really. We see the need for significant and speedy change in our world. And we believe that as women we have a primary role to play in bringing about that change by re-membering and restoring our feminine values, principles, strengths and capacities. The wise old ways of coming together in circles to learn from one another and support one another are returning. This community is an expression of that wisdom and aims to support the emergence of the new paradigm of Evolutionary Leadership that is needed to transform our world.

Our purpose as a community is to foster a safe, co-creative environment within which you can discover a deeper sense of your unique and authentic contribution to the world and access the internal and external resources to lead yourself towards that destiny, in a healthy and sustainable way.

We’re holding an intentional and safe ‘container’ within which together, we can grow the awareness, confidence and skills needed for our personal and collective evolution as Feminine Leaders. We aim to create core learning and support structures as well as the cultural conditions that will help you to become a powerful role model for the newly emerging paradigm of leadership that balances feminine principles, values and behaviours with those of the healthy masculine.

We want to support you to access your true leadership purpose, power and potential, whilst watering the seeds of care, relatedness and right action that bring about the full flourishing of life within ourselves, our families, our organisations and communities.