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Although our community has been alive since the initiative was birthed in 2003, we’re now actively developing new ways in which we can engage more easily as a community of women, supporting one another in our evolution as Feminine Leaders. We see our online connection as an important one and will be dovetailing that with our face to face programmes and events.

As this is an emergent process, it’s not possible at this point to say exactly how it will end up looking, particularly the online component. However, we are in the process of putting together an online forum which will enable different groups to connect with one another as well as a whole community space for dialogue.

As well as our online connectivity we also plan to have many more forums within which we can come together. Some of these will be paid courses or events. Others will be free events or group gatherings. We can see many opportunities available to us with the application of fantastic technologies such as teleconferencing and live streaming and plan to make use of these to the full.

In order to join the community FREE, please sign up in the box on this page and we will keep you informed of all our developments including exiting new opportunities for our journey together.