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Welcoming 2013 – a free audio, guided reflection and personal ceremony

This new year of 2013 marks ‘the year of the feminine’ – calling us to our feminine leadership and inviting us to bring our gifts confidently to life as change agents and culture makers for a new world.

If you haven’t already done so, I’d like to invite you to mark this transition and embark on this year with the clarity and power you need to really bring your authentic contribution into the world. It’s time to acknowledge that this is what the universe is calling forward in us. This is what life needs and wants from us in order for the world to evolve in a more balanced and whole way.

What is the contribution you will be making? What are you called to bring forward through your leadership in 2013? Who are you becoming this year and what do you need to let go of in order to access the authentic power you need to evolve as the leader life intended you to be?

A New Year’s gift for you

You will perhaps be used to creating your own way to mark this transition. However, sometimes it’s easier to sit back and be guided in a process by someone else who has your back. So as a way of making this easier for you (and as a gift for this wonderful new year), I have recorded an audio which will take you though a personal ceremony (or mini workshop if you prefer). The recording is 30 minutes but you can make it any length of time to suit what you need and want.

This process will guide you to:

  • Receive the gifts that 2012 brought to you
  • Appreciate where you are now
  • Contemplate and consciously choose to let go of the old patterns that have been limiting you
  • Connect with the deeper desires and dreams you hold for your leadership in 2013
  • Surface the new beliefs and assumptions that would be wise to embody and create ‘truth statements’ to anchor them into your daily life

Create a beautiful space

I invite you to really honour yourself by creating a beautiful and sacred space around you that reflects who you are! And also make time for this as a way of appreciating and valuing your need to just be with yourself and reflect on you and your life as you make this conscious transition into 2013.

Ok here it is – enjoy and many blessings for 2013!

MP3 File

With love Joey x

PS don’t forget to check out my new feminine leadership programme starting on 10th January – a empowering way to begin the year – The Wisdom Quest

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