Living your authentic leadership

Tuesday 7th May, 2013 – Gean House, Alloa, Scotland FK10 2EL.

A day of inspiration and inner resourcing for awakening feminine leaders, change agents, entrepreneurs and solo-professionals

Re-connect with your authentic self, tap into your feminine wisdom and take your leadership to the next level…

Do you long to step into your true leadership potential, but short-change yourself with ‘time-out’ to reconnect with the real you and the inner ‘space’ that in the source of your power and creativity?
Are you motivated by the potential you hold to make a difference as a leader but still feeling stuck trying to overcome the challenges that seem to get in the way of your bigger dreams?
Do you feel you’re compromising who you really are and want to start leading from your authentic voice and inner wisdom?
An essential key to living our potential as leaders is to develop our authentic ‘inner leader’ and create space to reconnect with who we really are and understand the deeper development path we’re on. The outer journey of our leadership is inseparable from our inner journey. The leaps and breakthroughs we make in the  world around us are led by the transformations that take place in the world within us – the world of our self awareness and inner wisdom.

This one day workshop will give you nourishing time out, to reconnect with your ‘inner leader’ in a fun and inspiring way that will help you to:

  • Re-connect with your heart’s desire for your authentic leadership and the true motivation that empowers you to take courageous action
  • Recognise and navigate beyond the hidden fear that is keeping you stuck in compromise
  • Find new resources to help you breakthrough your ‘inner glass ceiling’ and take the next steps on the pathway to authentic success
  • Understand the true value of your authentic, feminine leadership and why it’s key to the success of your work, business, well-being and personal fulfillment.
  • Connect with other like-minded women from the Women at the Heart of Leadership Community

What’s possible when you stop compromising yourself and your leadership?

It’s amazing how easy it is to override our authentic voice and our own deeper wisdom about who we are and how we want to lead our lives and our work. When the pressure’s on, we default to the old, more comfortable way of getting things done, being valued and generally ‘playing safe’ and ‘small’. In the process we compromise not just our happiness and the fulfillment of our own potential, but the true leader that we are capable of being and the contribution we’re here to make in life. What might be possible for you when you stay aligned with your authenticity, access your feminine resources and allow your heart’s desires to motivate your actions?
Whether you are a feminine leader in an organisation, an entrepreneur or a solo professional this one day workshop will give you space to reconnect with who you are, access your inner wisdom and re-align with the motivation of your true leadership calling… the foundation of your authentic success.
This fun and nourishing time together will include dialogue, creative experiential processes, transformative practices and mutual sharing of experience and wisdom with other members of the Women at the Heart of Leadership Community.
Wherever you are on your leadership journey now, this an opportunity for a day of invaluable ‘WhiteSpace’ that will catalyse you towards a more authentic, purposeful vision of success.
Date: Tuesday 7th May 9.30am – 5.30pm
 Venue: Gean House, Alloa, Clackmannanshire, FK10 2EL. (Train links from Edinburgh and Glasgow)
Price:  Organisations: £175 + vat earlybird  (£225 + vat after 23rd April.)
Individuals & Third Sector: £105 + vat earlybird – (£135 + vat after 23rd April.)
All costs include refreshments and lunch. (N.B. Book early as space is limited)

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Once you have registered for a place here, a booking form will be emailed to you and we request that you complete that and return by email so that we can arrange payment and secure your place.
If you have any questions about your booking please contact Liz Whyte at
Or for more information about the programme contact Joey at

The day is designed and led by Joey Walters, founder of Women at the Heart of Leadership…

Joey is a transformative leadership facilitator and coach dedicated to helping women who want to make bigger difference in the world, to step into their true potential as feminine leaders and bring their authentic leadership contributions to life. She has worked with hundreds of women leaders, change-agents, entrepreneurs and solo-professionals helping them to reconnect with their ‘feminine wisdom’, re-align their leadership with who they really are and create more purposeful and fulfilling lives and careers that reflect their true value. Joey combines the depth of her own experience as an evolutionary leader as well as nearly 20 years of training in personal and spiritual development practices to provide a loving and empowering container for personal and professional transformation. She is a director of leadership consultancy Dancehammer and founder of Women at the Heart of Leadership.
“If you have the opportunity to work with Joey, expect to experience both personal and professional transformation…a deeply rewarding experience.” Verlee Copeland. Director, The Copeland Institute.
“Joey is at all times professional, a warm hearted and caring person who helps you look where it hurts but only to help you jump to the next level of strength and confidence. She truly is a gift to the world: for women, leaders and whoever wants to embark on a life changing journey”. Iris Kloth, Executive Coach.
“Joey brings to her work a wisdom, warmth and dedication which has helped me discover my strengths, values and inner wisdom. She has a true gift and her approach is personal, empowering and inspirational.” Debbie King, Public Affairs Officer.