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Feminine Leadership

The term Feminine Leadership does not intend to exclude or reject ‘masculine’ approaches, rather to bring healthy balance to the ‘masculine’ ways that have tended to dominate the existing paradigm of leadership up until now – not to throw them out or make them wrong, but to add to them.

We recognise that in order for a more holistic and balanced kind of leadership to emerge, there is a need to fully engage and integrate feminine values, principles and behaviours. We believe that in order to do this, we (men as well as women) need to overtly presence and place attention on the aspects of our feminine nature that have been largely missing in the prevailing cultures of leadership that we witness.

The new paradigm that we speak about (and that many others are speaking about) is a shift that requires us to fully embrace these feminine attributes and infuse them into our habitual, masculine ways of operating. One fundamental way in which we see this feminine essence is in our ability to access the unseen and more intuitive, emotional and spiritual aspects of our nature, as well as an innate sensitivity to our bodies which give us access to much of that inner wisdom. This feminine essence is open, aware, receptive, relational and grounded in presence and care. It is a compassionate ‘holding container’ that provides an opening to our inner wisdom, feelings and creativity, that opens the way for our inspiration to flow through. It is a powerful partner to the drive and achievement of the masculine force of creativity that manifests form in our world. So when our masculine power to implement, is infused with the deeper source of our presence and wisdom and when we value and respect the quality and creative potential of our relationships, we begin to lead from our wholeness and our authentic, balanced and creative power.