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What clients say

“This work is transformational!  Bring along your whole self and your boldest aspiration – the rest will happen.” Senior Civil Servant

“Working with Joey is a truly life changing experience. She gently probes into the depths of your soul and brings out the best in you. She has a wonderful talent of helping you to clarify your purpose and vision and helps you to develop the confidence and skills to bring your vision to life. I was particularly inspired by her very holistic, heart-centred leadership approach, which helped me to recognise that I am a leader of myself and my whole life rather than just focusing on my leadership at work. Joey is both inspirational and motivational to work with and makes time spent together very focused and purposeful. Although she will challenge your thinking and test your courage, she’ll also inject fun into her unique approach.” Life Coach.

“I found the programme fantastic. It fulfilled all my needs, including many I didn’t realise I had. The course offered expert support and coaching in a safe environment. I felt I was amongst friends. It has made a huge difference to me, both at work and personally and I hope to see benefits for years to come. I felt disappointed when it ended – I would have been happy to attend indefinitely! I would certainly recommend it to anyone.Senior NHS Consultant

”Joey’s presence itself is healing because she embodies warmth, wisdom and deep compassion, creating the container to transform our deepest wounds and patterns.  In my coaching with Joey, she helped me to stay with myself in navigating the dark waters of my deepest fears and doubts to get back to a place of true power and confidence.  She believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself.  After a session with Joey, I feel renewed, energized and ready to move forward.  Where there was fear, there is hope, where there was darkness, there is room for light.  Joey does the inner work with you and then helps you take that inner transformation outside into your leadership in the world.” Entrepreneur and Lawyer

‘Wow, what an amazing journey I am on…Through the guiding hand of Joey’s coaching I’m on a journey of true self discovery and building a foundation of inner calmness and self worth.” Senior Manager, Royal Bank of Scoltand

“As a business owner and leader in my field, I found coaching with Joey among the richest and most helpful of professional experiences. She supported the formation of life intentions for my work, identified barriers to success, and assisted in the development of essential practices. Feedback from clients and colleagues affirm that this process transformed key relationships and goals for my new business. If you have the opportunity to work with Joey, expect to experience both personal and professional transformation…a deeply rewarding experience.” Entrepreneur and Minister

“The Living Leadership programme ultimately taught me that leadership comes from within. External things happen which I often can’t control, but I have the power to choose how I respond. Other people can’t make me do or feel anything – I have command over my feelings and responses. This has been incredibly empowering and has transformed my life both at work and at home. I am now a more confident, calm, happy and effective leader.Detective Chief Superintendant, Tayside Police.

“I had the tremendous pleasure of being coached by Joey and can only highly recommend her. She guided me through a very personal journey transforming my inhibiting beliefs into empowering ones. We not only touched upon my relationship with myself, but also with others and the world. I learned different practices that help me stay in line with the real truth, in line with my powerful self. I am ever so grateful to Joey who with her unconditional support, understanding and careful listening made transformational change possible. She skillfully established a wonderful relationship of trust that enabled my personal growth. Joey is at all times professional, a warm hearted and caring person who helps you look where it hurts but only to help you jump to the next level of strength and confidence. She truly is a gift to the world: for women, leaders and whoever wants to embark on a life changing journey.”  Executive Coach

“I feel very priviledged to have been able to benefit from Joey’s wisdom and experience. Through the leadership programmes, day courses and one to one sessions I have attended, she has helped me to navigate my way successfully through the different stages, including some pretty rough patches, and emerge a much stronger and more confident person.  I feel I have benefitted in all areas of my life, so not just in my career, but my family life and personal life too.” Independant Business Consultant

Joey gets under your skin to help you find out who you are; what motivates you; what you really want and what holds you back from achieving it. She then gives you the tools and the confidence to use those insights in order to become the leader you really want to be. The combination of group sessions and individual coaching makes for a very effective learning environment. This is the kind of course where you really do get out of it what you are prepared to put in, but if you are willing to make the commitment then the return is a considerable one.Senior Civil Servant, Scottish Government.

“I have worked with Joey since 2005.  She helped me get my vision for my life clear in my head and more importantly equipped me with vital tools to make it happen.  I have worked with a few coaches but Joey is outstanding. Totally supportive and also great fun, I am lucky to have found her.” Managing Director, Perceptive Partners.

“I came on this programme feeling frantic, over-burdened and not achieving what I wanted and needed to achieve. At the end of the formal programme, I felt calm, confident and in touch with “me”. My learning continues through re-visiting the course material, through reflection and through sharing with others. The programme, the materials, the leadership and the group members all contributed to a powerful learning experience. I am much more effective and enjoying my work.”    NHS Board Director

“Coaching with Joey has been a truly inspirational experience. I have learned so much about myself, what I want to do with my life and how to go about achieving my vision.  She has supported me on every level and has allowed me to safely explore the inner barriers which have prevented me from moving forward. It has been an amazing journey and I know that working with Joey has not only helped me in my leadership at work, but has also had a positive impact on all areas of my life including my relationships with my family and friends.  Joey brings to her coaching a wisdom, warmth and dedication which has helped me discover my strengths, values and inner wisdom. She has a true gift and her approach is personal, empowering and inspirational.” Public Affairs Officer, Shelter Scotland.

“Joey and I have been partnering on collaborative projects for more than a year and I have found her to be one of the most empathetic, perceptive, insightful and co-creative communicators I have met. She has an ability to combine deep feminine wisdom and compassion with big vision and the willingness to do the detailed work of creative enterprise. She walks the talk of a woman at the heart of leadership, centered in a deep care for humanity, always mindful of doing the inner work of personal empowerment and with a passion to inspire and encourage other women as we move forward together into the new.”  Author and Evolutionary Coach