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Feminine Leadership Coaching

Feminine Leadership Coaching is a form of transformative coaching (also known as ontological coaching) which provides a distinctly unique and powerful development context specifically for women, that can be applied to any life situation.

‘Wow, what an amazing journey I am on…Through the guiding hand of Joey’s coaching I’m on a journey of true self discovery and building a foundation of inner calmness and self worth.” Senior Manager, RBS.

Our leadership philosophy is a ‘new paradigm’ approach, embracing the understanding that true leadership is something that we can all access when we are standing in our authentic power. In fact, true leadership is inevitable when we are creating relationships from this core centre within ourselves. So we are intentionally blurring the boundaries between professional leadership and personal leadership in an effort to re-frame the overriding context of leadership and deconstruct the unhelpful idea that leadership only exists in the context of ‘role’ and that it’s only applicable to those who are at a certain level within a hierarchy. We see leadership as a natural bi-product of our personal alignment with a sense of purpose for our lives and a desire to make a difference in the world. We want to see leaders emerging in all walks and at all levels of life, able to make a generative impact in many different types of communities, roles and contexts and in a way which is a natural expression of the leader’s potential.

The overriding purpose of Feminine Leadership Coaching is to help you access your authentic power and ‘true’ identity as a women so that you can flourish as a leader and bring your most fulfilling and potent leadership contribution to life. For this flourishing to take place in any of us, we need to restore the essence of our healthy feminine energy and bring it into balance with that of the healthy masculine. When we see this need to re-balance, within the context of leadership, we can see that for the most part, women have learned that successful leadership (in any area of life) requires us to sacrifice parts of ourselves that are not valued within the systems that align with more traditional, masculine models of leadership that have been fostered for hundreds of years. These parts of us hold strengths and skills that are innately fluent in women, such as being related through our true care for others’ well-being and growth, access to the power of our emotions, deepening relationships, related communication, receptivity, intuition, collaboration etc.

There are 4 key elements that provide the inspiration and context for Feminine Leadership Coaching that are largely missing in the old paradigm:

1) The need for natural feminine strengths to be valued and integrated with the more masculine styles of leadership that prevail.

2) The need to embrace and integrate all parts of our human make up in our leadership – the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual human elements – so that we can engage our authentic power.

3) The need to include a more contribution focused, evolutionary approach to leadership which supports us in finding greater levels of meaning and purpose for our lives, whilst having a transformational impact in the world.

4) The need to break down unhealthy patterns of competition within us and around us and engage in purpose driven co-creative collaborations.

In this approach, our development journey supports you in:

  • Getting connected to your deepest desires and what you most want to express and create through your leadership
  • Creating awareness of the ‘pain-points’ in your leadership that keep you stuck in old patterns
  • Understanding the power we hold to create our reality and shedding light on the patterns in our own consciousness that need to transform in order to manifest our deepest desires.
  • Accessing and strengthening the calm, wise core your true Self that is the source of your power to create new realities
  • Learning practices to transcend the old patterns and accessing your core centre of command that will support you in responding in new generative ways.
  • Clarifying and mastering a development pathway for new, empowered ways of being and doing to emerge and become the evidence of your success.

Typically we offer two pathways, depending on whether you wish to explore a professional leadership pathway or a personal leadership pathway. Which ever focus you choose, you’re likely to be led to the same place of transformation within yourself – it’s just that the focus of its application will be different and your development specifically tailored to the area in your life that you most desire to transform.

Here are some of the pain points you may wish to transform in your coaching:

  • Frustration that you’re falling short of manifesting what you want and feeling held back by something you can’t name.
  • You know that you have a more significant contribution to bring and yet you’re not clear enough what that is or how to bring it.
  • Having the experience of hitting your own internal glass ceiling but confused because rationally, you know you have the capability to move beyond it.
  • Feeling that you have to mask the real you in some way because it doesn’t feel safe/acceptable to show up authentically in your work and in certain relationships.
  • Finding it hard to address difficult issues in an empowered and generative way – without being either emotionally ‘out of command’ or ‘shut down’.
  • Feeling caught in the conflict of working for security and yet disconnected from your passion and yearning for greater meaning and purpose – an inspired sense of calling that will bring you greater fulfillment and utilise your talents to the full.
  • Feeling that you’re not as ‘in command’ of your life as you would like to be and getting emotionally buffeted around by challenges and difficulties.
  • Already a leader but feeling a fake or finding it hard to associate with being a leader because you don’t identify with the more masculine paradigm of leadership that exists and yearning for a model that’s more authentic for you.
  • Finding it hard to challenge the ‘status quo’ and feeling worn down by a working culture that doesn’t seem to nurture or value the way you would like to lead and be led.
  • In a leadership role (as an employee or business owner) but having doubts about your capacity and stressed by the unrealistic expectations others place on you.
  • On the brink of taking a leap of faith to a new, more fulfilling expression of leadership in your life but procrastinating with your fear and doubt.
  • Concerned that the visions you hold are ‘just unrealistic pipe dreams’, yet not wanting to settle for the uninspiring alternative.

If you would like to find out more  or have questions you’d like answered, please contact joey@dancehammer.co.uk