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Living Leadership

Living Leadership is a corporate leadership programme inviting women from different organisations to come together face to face in a powerful learning circle of mutual trust, support and shared learning.

Great leadership at work does not happen in isolation from life as a whole. Being a successful leader at work, means recognising who you are and how you lead yourself in all aspects of your life. It means bringing your whole self to your role at work, so that you can have integrity as a leader and draw on all your personal resources for success.

Living Leadership is a transformational personal leadership programme, which will help you to re-discover the inner leader in you, increasing your ‘authentic power’ as a woman in your role and in life as a whole. The programme is deliberately grounded in a framework for personal growth enabling you to discover and engage your natural strengths and authenticity as a leader. This foundation that we call self-leadership is critical to exceptional leadership of others, because the integrity, clarity and confidence that you hold in yourself will be what enables you to attract, inspire and engage those around you.

Would you like to:

•    Bring greater clarity of purpose and vision to your leadership as a whole?
•    Strengthen your inner confidence and influence as a leader in your role?
•    Create more choice and influence over the thoughts and emotions that effect your success?
•    Develop the personal robustness and skill to transform challenging relationships?
•    Create more balance and vitality in your life and reduce stress?
•    Build a supportive network of women with which to share experiences and learning?
•    Receive one to one coaching sessions to help you integrate your learning?

Programme Structure

The programme consists of 4 successive one-day modules spread over 4 months with inter-module coaching sessions to help you to integrate your learning. During each module you will engage with meaningful and practical tools to grow your leadership potency, applying them to those areas of your work and life where change is needed. You’ll develop a vision of what Living Leadership means to you and receive support from the modules and personal coaching sessions to bring it to life!

If you’d like to find out more about this programme and our next dates, please contact us here.