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Courses & Events

Facilitating Your Journey of Evolution

A key part of our vision as an Evolutionary Learning Community is to provide development structures which will support our flourishing as Feminine Leaders. We’re currently creating some exciting new opportunities to engage in a variety of core development programmes, both online and face to face.

The design of these programmes aims to facilitate us to:

  1. realise the broader intention that we hold to unfold our authentic power, purpose and potential as women and bring our greatest contributions to life
  2. engage a ‘whole person’, evolutionary context for our leadership
  3. cultivate the principle and practice of  ‘WhiteSpace’ as the core foundation of our ability to transform our leadership
  4. foster heart-centred connection, support and collaboration between women in the community

To date our original signature open programme, Living Leadership and its sister programme ‘The Personal Leadership Programme’ (designed specifically for the Scottish Police Service) have supported over 300 in women in live programmes to create the foundations of self-leadership that underpin the new paradigm.

We are now going to the next level of breakthrough, developing a new signature programme The Wisdom Quest which we are launching in January 2013.

These and other community programmes will be using wonderful new online technologies alongside face to face events.