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21.12.12. – time to let go?

You’ll know that 25,627 years ago (give or take a few minutes) the Mayans created a calendar which ends today, 21st December 2012.

As long as we’re still alive, this simple fact makes today a pretty amazing and auspicious day, especially as it is also our Winter Solstice – a potent time for some deep reflection and letting go.

Nobody fully understands why the calendar ends and we will each have our own sense of the meaning behind it.

Some people interpret this date as the ‘end of the world’, others (including me) prefer to think of it as a more positive change as we enter a powerful new cycle that brings about the expansion of awareness and capacities that will ultimately create a better world.

Whatever we choose to believe, I invite you to take some time with me today to reflect on yourself and your life and to give some space to letting go. Make it the end of the world you want to let go of and welcome in the new!

In case you’d like some guidance with this, I’ve created a simple ‘personal ceremony’ that you can follow or adapt as you like, to mark this transition:

Time: Create a 30 minute space in your day or you can expand it to whatever time frame suits you.

Ingredients: Gather a candle and lighter, a piece of paper and pen and large piece of aluminium foil… or if you have an open fire or log burner, you won’t need the foil. Flowers or other items of beauty for a little altar. A journal or note book.

Place: Outside in nature if you have that luxury, otherwise create a little sacred space somewhere quiet and undisturbed inside.

Ceremony steps:

Step one: Create a little altar with your candle, flowers and anything else of significance that reflects beauty back to you. Light your candle. Create a small bowl with the aluminium foil so you can safely burn a small piece of paper in it.

Step two: Sit quietly settling yourself into your stillness with a few deep breaths, focusing your attention inwards and allowing your out-breaths to release tension and distraction.

Step three: Take some time to contemplate where you are in your life right now – what you’re experiencing, what you appreciate, what you’d like to be different, what’s working, what’s not working, what thought patterns, habits or ways of being are helping or hindering your flourishing? Make notes in your journal as you go.

Step four: One at a time, bring to the focus of your mind the following questions and stay open to the answers that might emerge:

  • What do I need to let go of to allow more light, energy and joy into my life?

Don’t think to hard about this. Allow the answers to come more intuitively and see what pops into your mind. When you have a sense of this, then ask..

  • What is the gift I’ve received from this? (from what you want to let go of)

Step five: Write down on one small piece of paper, wording or a symbol that represents what you are wishing/choosing to let go of. On another small piece of paper write down the gift you’ve received and put it on your altar. Take the first piece of paper in your hand and share your gratitude for the gift it has brought by saying out loud ‘thank you for the gift of xxxx, I’m now ready to let you go’ (or whatever feels right for you). Then burn the paper in your foil bowl and watch it go. Scatter the ashes as you see fit!!

Step six: Make a note in your journal of what came up for you in the previous steps and now sit for a few minutes contemplating these questions one at a time:

  • What do I most deeply desire to express, create and contribute with more light, energy and joy in my life?
  • What is my intention for this new cycle of growth and expansion as a leader in my own life?

Again, let the answers come to you. Even if you think you already know, allow space for anything new to emerge.

You may want to take much more time to hold these questions without answering. They’re really important questions to be asking so please do give them the space they need.

Finally: Create a permanent altar somewhere in your home and find a more beautiful, small bowl to add to it. Put the piece of paper with the gift written on it into the bowl. Then when you are clearer about the last two questions (what you want to express, create & contribute and what your intention is) then write those down and place them in the bowl too.

Take a few minutes to reflect on the contents of your bowl each day and keep it a sacred space for your intention and dreams to be energised.


With many blessings for today and whatever is beyond 21.12.12 for you…

…and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year holiday.

Love Joey x

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