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Take a breath – it’s International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day!

(Don’t forget to listen to the audio of a special guided ‘WhiteSpace’ practice at the bottom of this message!)

It’s on days like this that I take a deep breath and take time to appreciate the privileged life that I have. It’s a good day to celebrate being a woman particularly at this time in history and all the richness that is inherent in that experience.

It doesn’t mean that we are without our super-challenges but I know you’ll agree that when we compare how much power and privilege with have compared to millions of women in other parts of the world, we can only be grateful.

In contemplating my own gratitude, something personal and important popped into my mind that I’d like to share with you first.

It was the faces of my mother and my grandmother and the image of the female line of ancestors in my family trailing behind me. I noticed that I was standing at the front of the line and was holding the ‘baton’ so to speak. Often we think about the unhelpful conditioning that get’s passed down from generation to generation and how we are impacted by that. But what this image brought into focus for me was the opposite. It was how I was a product of their love and strength and the baton they had past me was the power of their authentic care and all that they had ‘sacrificed’ in order for me to live the life I live now.  The baton is also a symbol of responsibility; I stand as a leader in the front linen now, to pass on that authentic care in the best way I can and to use the benefit that they had created both for my own life and for the lives of others.

So I invite you to join me and the other amazing women in this community to take a few moments to feel your gratitude for the life you have been given and for the privilege and power you hold to make the very best of your life as a woman.

Let’s take a few minutes to share this contemplation together and then send our gratitude, power and support out to the many other women in the world that could do with our energetic support!

I’ve recorded a guided practice that you can listen to here where I take you through a short WhiteSpace process with me.

I look forward being with you virtually!

Many blessings on International Women’s Day!

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