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It’s my birthday and I’ve a gift for you!

Happy Spring and what an amazing way to start (in the UK as least) with such gorgeous, uplifting weather. I hope you’ve had a chance to enjoy it.
It’s my birthday today and so I want to share a special gift with you. Not because I want anything in return but because I’ve been aching to do this for so long, that I finally gave myself permission to do it with the excuse that it’s my birthday!!!

Yes, I too am regularly challenged with giving myself the SPACE to engage in the things that I really love doing and to step away from the everyday lure of the ‘have to do list’ into the ‘WhiteSpace’ that gives me access to my deeper wisdom and higher creativity.

 So I’m grateful to all the women who wrote and shared their appreciation of the last WhiteSpace ‘audio’ I sent out on International Women’s Day. (you can access here if you’ve not had a chance to listen IWD Audio Practice)
Many thanks if you’re one of them as it’s encouraged me to do more sooner, rather than keeping it on the back end of my to do list! So read on as I’ve got another free guided practice recorded for you in the link below! If you don’t have 20 minutes privacy to do it now, mark this email and come back later when you can carve out the right space… but do me a favour…don’t wait until your birthday!

Anyway, yesterday I asked myself ‘what’s the thing I really most desire to do today rather than the thing that I think has to to be done’…  This is how I began….


…..that is…. a WhiteSpace practice where I literally checked in with the deeper and wiser part of myself to find out what I needed for my well-being (at a deeper level of knowing than I would have access to if I had not bothered with the process).

(N.B. If you’re new to the concept of WhiteSpace the brief (ish) description is ‘the ‘external space’ we create and the ‘mindful practices’ we engage that foster our ‘internal awareness’ (the ultimate WhiteSpace!) that gives us access to our inner wisdom and creative potential’.)

Doing this Self Check In helped me to get in touch with my own inner guidance…. in this case… how I felt and what I really needed and thus what I wanted to be focusing my actions on. What I discovered was that I really wanted to give space to my creativity and get another useful gift out to you. It didn’t rule out the other important stuff that I had on my list and in my diary, but it helped me to align my motivation and prioritise, because I got clear about what I wanted and with respect for my own needs and desires, I created space for it.

So creating this message IS what I wanted to do and what I want to share with you IS the Self Check-in practice. It’s adapted from the Earth Wisdom teachings that I trained in for many years, hence it’s designed to help you become aware of the feelings and needs you have as a whole person:  your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical make up.

I invite you to try it out…. this audio is part of a free mini audio series I’m putting together and so I’ll be sending out at least one more practice as soon as possible. 
So go to the link below to find the audio and give yourself the gift of 20 mins WhiteSpace today to complete it. That’s all you need to reconnect with yourself and gain some clarity on the way forward.

I hope you enjoy it! Use it on a regular basis to help you stay in touch with yourself and your own inner guidance!

Trust yourself… It’s the most important thing you can do.

I look forward being with you virtually!
With love!



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