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For awakening women change agents who want to live authentically,
share their gifts with the world and lead from the wisdom of the heart

Discover the 8 Essential Doorways to your authentic power and embrace your feminine leadership to make the difference you know you’re here to make…

Are you waking up to your deeper desire to be and express your most authentic Self in your life?

Do you feel called to a greater wisdom and power within you, to harness the potential of the life you’ve been given and make a bigger difference?

Do you long to follow your passion, share your unique gifts and lead your life and work in a way that expresses who you are and re-embraces your essential feminine wisdom and values?

If the answer is yes, then you’re not alone.

Many of us are waking up to the seed of our creative potential but it can also be challenging bringing it to full blossom…

Whether you consider yourself to be one of life’s leaders or not, there’s something waking up in us as women, calling us to play our part in co-creating a new future. Can you feel it?
We appear to be at an extraordinary threshold of a new era in our collective journey as women – a process of evolution as we continue to transform the landscape of our lives and culture to one which is more nurturing, heart-inspired and affirming of who we really are.
Yet, alongside our desire to live our potential and make a bigger difference, we often struggle to let go of the old, often unconscious limiting patterns that have shaped our sense of who we are.  So we continue to live out old stories that keep us stuck in a distorted perception of who we are, our value and what’s possible for our lives – especially as leaders and change agents for our future generations.

Do any of these challenges sound familiar?

  • You’re at a crossroads in your life and feeling held back by the fear of stepping out of your comfort zone and following your heartfelt vision
  • You’re in touch with a deep yearning to make a bigger difference but lack the clarity or confidence you need to step out authentically as a leader
  • You have a sense of deeper purpose for your life but you don’t feel on track with it or perhaps your not sure what it is or how to bring it to life
  • You feel hampered by your own conditioned beliefs and struggle to respond to life in generative ways that create new positive experiences for you
  • You want to step into leadership but you’re put off by the old, traditionally masculine models of leadership that don’t inspire you
  • You struggle to create time for yourself and feel off balance and depleted trying to juggle the many demands of your various life ‘roles’,
  • You often feel alone on your journey and yearn for more support, connection and collaboration from others who can meet you where you are, see your potential and support you on your journey of transformation

I totally understand.

I’ve experienced this too and know first hand how challenging this journey can be.

That’s why I’ve created this new programme for you…

Imagine following your passion, doing the work you love and making a real difference without compromising who you are or sabotaging your well-being?

This 4 month guided journey will provide a container for you to:

  • Awaken your feminine wisdom and the authentic power you hold to make a difference to your own life and in the world around you
  • Align with the higher purpose and vision for your life and access the courage to step into authentic leadership of your unique contribution
  • Meet daily challenges with openness and appreciation, turning them into opportunities to learn and flourish
  • Harness the deeper wisdom and power you hold to move beyond your fear based patterns and into new ways of relating
  • Trust and allow the ‘greater field of life’ to inspire, guide and support you to manifest your brightest future
  • Access a more authentically feminine way to lead your life and work that nourishes your soul and allows you to flourish as a feminine leader
  • Take more care of yourself and be part of a supportive, nurturing community of women with whom you can share your journey of transformation

 Are you ready to trust your feminine wisdom and lead the life that’s  calling you?

My invitation to you…

I’ve created a brand new, 4 month guided quest for women who feel called to join me and other dedicated women in a transformative Wisdom Circle.

If you’re ready to step into new possibilities for your leadership; making a meaningful difference with your gifts, embracing your authentic feminine strengths and fulfilling a more soulful purpose, then please join me for…


A Four Month Wisdom Circle & Coaching Programme

Starting 10th January 2013

The Wisdom Circle is the foundation of our work together and although it is a highly original framework today, it has magical, ancient roots originating from the timeless wisdom teachings of Mayan culture.  I was privileged to train with some amazing teachers of this Earth Wisdom (RainbowHawk and WindEagle from the Ehama Institute) for over 10 years.  I have also integrated much of my own experiential learning with other transformative practices and evolutionary teachings, as well as the learning gained through my work with hundreds of women leaders. The synthesis of this is The Wisdom Circle, a unique expression of these teachings as a contemporary design of ‘modern medicine for women’.  The Wisdom Circle is also the name we give to our group. In other words, when you join The Wisdom Quest, you’ll become part of a powerful  Wisdom Circle of like minded women, who will support, nurture and uplift you on your personal Quest.



Here’s what we’ll be awakening on our 10 module journey

The Wisdom Circle is a framework or map, representing the elements of our natural power structured in 8 directions (or ‘doorways’) around the circle which, in itself, represents wholeness. In each module we’ll be opening and moving through a new ‘doorway’ to our core power and learning evolutionary principles and transformative practices that will help you to awaken and cultivate these innate but untapped feminine leadership capacities. You’ll be applying your learning to where you most want to transform yourself as you step into your own unique quest to the heart of your feminine leadership.

MODULE 1 – Getting started, Focusing Intent and Creating Safety

Getting to know ‘The Wisdom Circle’ and creating a safe, nurturing and intentional container for our journey together.

  • Gain greater clarity for why you’re here and feel motivated by a powerful personal and collective intention for the programme.
  • Understand foundational principles of personal transformation and how you can take your own personal quest through the 8 ‘essential doorways’ of The Wisdom Circle to awaken your authentic, Core Power.
  • Take your seat in the circle, feel at home with new friends and safely supported by shared agreements that will enable integrity for our collective transformation.

MODULE 2 – Awakening Authenticity and the Power of Self-Expression

Connecting with the seed of your true creative potential and finding your authentic voice

  • Connect to your inspired creative impulse for what you most deeply desire to express and create, embracing a higher vision of possibility for your life and leadership.
  • Create a sense of ‘permission’ and freedom to be yourself, express your authentic voice and share your gifts with openness, confidence and humility.
  • Move beyond the ‘distorted power’ that can shut down your confidence in who you are, limiting your creative capacity and keeping the real you hidden away, masked in ‘role’.

  MODULE 3 - Awakening Awareness and the Power Appreciation

Tuning into now, making peace with ‘what is’ and appreciating the deeper wisdom that is present beneath the surface

  • Face into and be present with ‘what is’ with non-judgement and learn to be generative with yourself and others in the face of ‘breakdowns’.
  • Surface your understanding of the unconscious patterns that tend to sabotage you in the process of realising your dreams and access the deeper truth about what is present.
  • Be still and listen to your inner wisdom and receive the messages, insights and guidance  you need on your development pathway

MODULE 4  - Awakening Responsibility and the Power of Choice

Transcending fear, taking back your power and responding to life with choice and deeper wisdom

  • See how you get caught in ‘victimisation’ that disempowers you and how ‘old stories’ play out through your thoughts, emotions and actions to create your foundational experience of reality.
  • Discover the more vulnerable parts of you that have become emotionally reactive or powerless and access your wise centre of ‘command’ to move beyond the false power they’ve been holding.
  • Begin to practice new ways to engage the development you need to finally step beyond the false power these parts have been holding and create new realities.

MODULE 5 – Awakening Purpose and the Power of Contribution

Aligning with your highest sense of purpose and standing for the contribution you’re here to make

  • Connect with the more soulful, passionate purpose of your life and your deeper desire to contribute to a better world.
  • Integrate the experience, skills and passions that shape your unique gift and create the essence of your unique leadership contribution.
  • Create a new, empowering story of your life-journey and align your intention and choices with the unique contribution you’re here to make, however much fear is present.

MODULE 6 – Awakening Well-being and the Power of Sustainability

Connecting with your body’s wisdom, nurturing your whole self and creating a sustainable way to lead your life and work.

  • Activate of your nurturing and healing energy and discover what you need to replenish yourself physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.
  • Let go of the distorted power of ‘over-care’ that creates exhaustion and resentment and learn to presence your deeper feelings and needs, allowing yourself to receive greater support and nourishment into your life.
  • Commit to putting your well-being first and create an ongoing personal ‘self-care’ practice that will sustain you as you step into a more balanced, feminine way of leading your life and work and extend your care out into the world.

MODULE 7 – Awakening Relatedness and the Power of Co-creation

Partnering authentically with others and the ‘greater field of life’ to co-create the brightest future

  • Develop a more trusting relationship with the ‘greater field of life’, embodying a more affirming sense of the nature of life as a fundamental co-creative ‘partner’ and supportive friend
  • Discover the root of the ‘causal’ relationship you have with life and acknowledge the key ‘systems of influence’ that you can impact and that impact you.
  • Commit to the vision of possibility for your life and your contribution and start creating generative, collaborative and supportive relationships with the conscious intent to co-create a brighter future.

MODULE 8 – Awakening Heart-mind and the Power of Right Action

Trusting your heart’s higher knowing and embracing the courage needed to take inspired action as an empowered feminine leader.

  • Listen deeply to the clear ‘knowing’ of your heart and take ‘Right-Action’ that is fueled by the wisdom, courage, compassion and commitment of your authentic leadership.
  • Resist the desire to create fixed long term strategies or ‘head-driven’ action and learn to listen more deeply to your inner guidance for the next steps you need to take.
  • Clarify of the inner and outer resources you need to take your leadership to the next level and find the courage to commit to right-action and call in the collaborative support you need.

MODULE 9 – Awakening Integrity and the Power of Radiance

Fostering vitality in yourself and enabling transformation by ‘clearing the field’ of stuck energy, becoming a beacon of light for others.

  • Attune to the areas within yourself or your life that feel out of alignment with your authentic self and clarify what is needed to keep your energy and leadership pathway clear and bright moving forward.
  • Learn how to brighten your ‘inner fire’ by taking the risk to show up vulnerably and authentically and ‘clear the field’ with others where there is challenge, misunderstanding or unhealthy residue from the past.
  • Create a strong, undefended presence and capacity to lead from your core power, keeping the energy clear and bright within and around you and allowing your radiant energy to shine out and magnetise your future into being!

MODULE 10 - Completing The Wisdom Circle and Anchoring Support.

Appreciating the gems from your experience,  grounding your learning and sustaining your transformative journey.

  • Capture the gems of your experience and reflect appreciatively on your individual and collective learning as well as the support you need moving forward.
  • Clarify key areas of development moving forward and create an intention and personal daily practice that will keep you focused on the transformative journey you have already catalysed.
  • Create your personal Feminine Leadership Manifesto that captures the wisdom that has been awakened on your quest and use it as a foundation foundation for your leadership in all areas of your life.

Here’s what you’ll receive on this virtual course…

We’ll be covering one module every two weeks. The first week you’ll receive access to the content for each module including MP3 audio files of the teachings and practices for each module, plus worksheets for a mini assignment which will help you to integrate your learning. In the second week, we’ll be coming together as a circle for a live teleseminar and group coaching session.

10 Pre-recorded Teaching & Practice MP3 files – Approx 60-90 mins, emailed every other week (Normally Tuesdays)

Every two weeks you’ll receive an email with audio links (MP3’s) of the fundamental teaching principles and transformative practices corresponding to that module’s element The Wisdom Circle.  You can download and listen to these in your own time and at your own pace.

10 Live Workshop and Group Coaching Circles – bi weekly teleseminar – Up to 2 hours (Mostly Thursdays at 4.30pm GMT – otherwise 6.30pm GMT)

In each iterim week we’ll have a 2 hour workshop and coaching circle via teleconference. This will be a combination of deepening processes through group interaction as well as a period for individual laser coaching sessions and Q+A which benefits the whole group. These sessions will be recorded and made available for anyone unable to make the live group sessions, every other Thursday at 6.30pm GMT.

10 Worksheets and mini Integration Assignments – by email

For each module, we’ll also be offering mini assignments to help you apply your learning and insights to your daily life. Partly this will involve engaging in one or two of the practices as well as guidance on what to observe or do to help you integrate and embody your learning experiences.

Recordings of all the Live Workshops and Group Coaching Circles

If you miss any of the live calls, you’ll be able to catch up by listening to the recordings that we’ll send you access to the next day.

Private Online Forum – optional sharing and discussion space

You’ll be invited into a private online space to share your learning and connect regularly with Joey and other members of the wisdom circle during the programme and beyond.

Discounted Package of Private Coaching and Mastery Sessions with Joey – Optional extra

Exclusive offer of a discounted  package only available to The Wisdom Quest participants. This will include 4 or 6 one to one telephone or skype coaching sessions with Joey as you journey through the quest. You’ll also be invited to participate in 4 x Wisdom Circle mastery sessions – one per month. For more information, email joey @ with subject line – Private Coaching.

30 day 100% money back guarantee

If you’re not satisfied for any reason during the first 30 days after the programme commences, we’ll issue a full refund – just write in by email to let us know.

Money Back Guarantee 100% - Burst Badge Green

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Frequently asked questions

Q. I’ve got a busy schedule, what is the pace of the programme?

The great thing about online programmes is that you have flexibility about your own time engagement and the depth you want to take it too. However, like any lasting transformation, awareness is the key, so the more you engage and create awareness of your own learning process the better the results for you. We’ve deliberately spread the modules over two week blocks to give more spaciousness to the programme and have structured the programme in a way that is easy to engage online. The first week of each module you’ll be able to listen in your own time to the course materials and use the worksheet to support you. During the second week you’ll have the opportunity to connect live with me and other participants. You can engage in our online forum space as much or as little as suits you.

Q. I’ve never participated in an online programme before, what will I need?

Don’t worry, you’ll be given all the guidance you need. All notifications will be sent by email and will either direct you to an private online resource page where you can collect your content or provide you with details for the teleseminar calls. All you need is access to a computer, a phone and to bring a willing heart!

Q. If I miss a live call can I still benefit from the programme?

Yes, this is the beauty of a virtual programme. You’ll be sent recordings of all the live calls within 24 hours of the call so you can catch up in your own time. You’ll also have privat access to an online programme page where you’ll find all the content for the programme to date.

Q. Who is the programme for?

The programme is for women who want to learn and grow beyond their current challenges and limitations and who have a desire to bring a bigger contribution to life as well as wanting to be more fulfilled in their own lives. It doesn’t matter whether you’re employed in an organisation, an entrepreneur, freelance or doing something voluntary, or even in transition from one to the other, the key is that you have a passion to make a difference and want to fulfill your own creative potential. It’s also for women who want to find and role model a more authentically feminine way to engage in the world.

Q. What is the refund policy?

Refunds will be given for cancellations received in writing via email until 30 days after the programme commences. After 30 days of the programme commending, no refunds will be made on any cancellations received.

Q. When does the programme start and what is my time commitment?

The programme is scheduled to start on Thursday the 10th January 2013 with our introductory module. We begin the live sessions on Thursday 16th Jan at 6.30pm and then every other week we’ll have a live call on Thursdays at 4.30pm GMT unless otherwise notified. Full details will be provided of scheduled live dates.

Q. How can I find out more about the special Private Coaching and Wisdom Circle mastery sessions with Joey?

Soon after you register we’ll send out details about this exclusive offer only available to The Wisdom Quest participants. There will be a limited number of places available so if you’d like to find our more please email Joey at

Q. How can I get support if I need it?

If you need support on any aspect of the programme or if you have further questions, please email


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More About Joey, Your Programme Facilitator

Joey Walters is a Transformative Coach and Evolutionary Leadership Facilitator dedicated to helping people  who feel called to make bigger contribution to life, to follow their true calling and lead the lives they were born to live. She specialises in helping women who want to make a difference in the world to lead their lives and work from their authentic power and feminine wisdom, finding greater fulfillment by realising their life purpose and creative potential as empowered feminine leaders.
16 years ago, after many years struggling to express her own leadership in a way that felt authentic, she left her corporate leadership role and embarked on a transformational journey to discover who she was and the difference she really wanted to make. Since then she has been guided by many amazing teachers, coaches and mentors on her journey and was particularly privileged to train with Earth Wisdom teachers RainbowHawk and WindEagle, from the Ehama Institute in New Mexico, over a period of 10 years. Joey is also an ordained Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Counsellor and weaves into her development work a depth of experience in many transformative practices.
In 2004, through her business Dancehammer, Joey founded ‘Women at the Heart of Leadership’, a development initiative for women wanting to lead their lives and work with greater purpose, confidence, personal fulfillment and well-being. She’s been honoured to facilitate and coach hundreds of women leaders to reconnect with who they are and have the courage to lead from a more purposeful, feminine and authentic power within themselves. She has a gift for drawing out the passion and potential in others and facilitating the personal transformation that enables her clients to step beyond old limiting identities and bring their contributions to life in ways that are natural, fulfilling and aligned with the lives they want to live. Joey lives in Scotland, UK with her life partner and their two gorgeous ‘wee’ boys.


“As a business owner and leader in my field, I found coaching with Joey among the richest and most helpful of professional experiences. She supported the formation of life intentions for my work, identified barriers to success, and assisted in the development of essential practices. Feedback from clients and colleagues affirm that this process transformed key relationships and goals for my new business. If you have the opportunity to work with Joey, expect to experience both personal and professional transformation…a deeply rewarding experience.” Verlee A. Copeland, Director – The Copeland Institute,


 ”Joey’s presence itself is healing because she embodies warmth, wisdom and deep compassion, creating the container to transform our deepest wounds and patterns.  In my coaching with Joey, she helped me to stay with myself in navigating the dark waters of my deepest fears and doubts to get back to a place of true power and confidence.  She believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself.  After a session with Joey, I feel renewed, energized and ready to move forward.  Where there was fear, there is hope, where there was darkness, there is room for light.  Joey does the inner work with you and then helps you take that inner transformation outside into your leadership in the world.” Leela Somaya, Succulent Business Strategist, Spiritual Lawyer and Evolutionary Coach.


“I had the tremendous pleasure of being coached by Joey and can only highly recommend her. She guided me through a very personal journey transforming my inhibiting beliefs into empowering ones. We not only touched upon my relationship with myself, but also with others and the world. I learned different practices that help me stay in line with the real truth, in line with my powerful self. I am ever so grateful to Joey who with her unconditional support, understanding and careful listening made transformational change possible. She skillfully established a wonderful relationship of trust that enabled my personal growth. Joey is at all times professional, a warm hearted and caring person who helps you look where it hurts but only to help you jump to the next level of strength and confidence. She truly is a gift to the world: for women, leaders and whoever wants to embark on a life changing journey.” Iris Kloth, Career Coach


“Coaching with Joey has been a truly inspirational experience. I have learned so much about myself, what I want to do with my life and how to go about achieving my vision.  She has supported me on every level and has allowed me to safely explore the inner barriers which have prevented me from moving forward. It has been an amazing journey and I know that working with Joey has not only helped me in my leadership at work, but has also had a positive impact on all areas of my life including my relationships with my family and friends.  Joey brings to her coaching a wisdom, warmth and dedication which has helped me discover my strengths, values and inner wisdom. She has a true gift and her approach is personal, empowering and inspirational.” Debbie King, Public Affairs Officer – Shelter Scotland.


“Working with Joey is a truly life changing experience. She gently probes into the depths of your soul and brings out the best in you. She has a wonderful talent of helping you to clarify your purpose and vision and helps you to develop the confidence and skills to bring your vision to life. I was particularly inspired by her very holistic, heart-centred leadership approach, which helped me to recognise that I am a leader of myself and my whole life rather than just focusing on my leadership at work. Joey is both inspirational and motivational to work with and makes time spent together very focused and purposeful. Although she will challenge your thinking and test your courage, she’ll also inject fun into her unique approach.” Liz Whyte, Life Coach – Life Changes.


“I have worked with a few coaches but Joey is outstanding. She has a rare insight and coaching talent which helped me to clarify my vision as well as develop the confidence and skills to achieve it. Of particular interest is her unique understanding of the holistic nature of leadership – this is about your whole self and your relationship to life rather than leadership just at work. Joey is a pleasure to work with and makes what could be a daunting process fun.” Julie Moulsdale, Managing Director – Perceptive Partners Ltd.


“Joey and I have been partnering on collaborative projects for more than a year and I have found her to be one of the most empathetic, perceptive, insightful and co-creative communicators I have met. She has an ability to combine deep feminine wisdom and compassion with big vision and the willingness to do the detailed work of creative enterprise. She walks the talk of a woman at the heart of leadership, centered in a deep care for humanity, always mindful of doing the inner work of personal empowerment and with a passion to inspire and encourage other women as we move forward together into the new.” Rose Diamond, Founder of A Whole New World

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